4 Pack Cable Management Sleeve

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4 Pack Cable Management Sleeve

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Organize and conceal the messy wires, ensures the cables behind your TV or computer remain neat and tidy, and no need to worry messy tangled electronic wires trip your kids or chewed by pets.

With a zipper closure you can wrap 6-10 cords and pull them together zip and done. Also combine two sleeves if you need to hold up 12-20 cables, flexible to wrap more wires.

You can cut holes at any position if you need to take some specific cable out. Ideal for home, office or working shop. All cords are wrangled up and hided in one sleeve from sight, it makes your living and working space look more organized.


Size: 50*11cm
Weight: 40g
Material: diving material

Package Included: 4 * Cable Management Sleeve

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