Wired Gaming Keypad with LED Back-light

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Wired Gaming Keypad with LED Back-light

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  • This keyboard is designed for gaming especially for someone who like to use one hand to control the keyboard in action games for quick movements. Ergonomic shape with a comfortable palm rest, dedicated multimedia keys, double space bar and red cap AWSD keys making it become an amazing gaming keyboard.
  • Mini Portable ensure even stricter requirements are met for each keyboard produced, it is not discoloured and more wear-resistant. Fit for your hands and wrist, promise a comfortable condition for you, simplify the complex operation procedure, beat the rival faster in the games. Engineered for durability
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • Key Number 35
  • Keyboard Lifespan ( times) 8 million times
  • Response Speed 8ms
  • 7 colour backlight + Multi backlight mode


Lamp Mode Switch Key

  • Press G1 function key: Realize four key cycles of "W/A/S/D", the number of cycles is 10 times
  • Press G2 function key: Realize the "C" key cycle, the number of cycles is 10 times 
  • Press G3 Monochrome: Colourful Monochrome Cycle Switch
  • Press G4 wave / colourful horse light effect, the default wave light effect, press the colourful cycle light effect again
  • Press G5 backlight to turn off/on, cycle switching

Normal mode:

G1=F1, G2=F2, G3=F3.G4=F4, G5=F5.

Fn combination function: 

                Fn+Esc=Backlight Mode Switching

                 Fn+1=Speed of Light Movement

                 Fn+2=Light speed slows down

                 Fn+3=Light intensity enhancement

                 Fn+4=light brightness weakened

                 Fn+ ~ = normal mode/game mode switching


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