Ultra-thin Invisible Laptop Stand

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Ultra-thin Invisible Laptop Stand

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Material:  PU + Plastic Steel
Size: thickness: 224cm*17*0.35mm
Colour: Gold, Pink, Dark Gray, Silver Gray

1. Low elevation mode eases your wrists while writing. Compatible with your tablet, laptop, e-reader, iPad or another device with a comfortable viewing angle to improve work and free time.

2. Removable glue that allows you to hold it and separate it from your computer without worrying about a single mark or zero

3. The slim design makes it easy to port and elegant, almost invisible when placed flat to integrate with your device. Quick installation and instant use without adding any weight or volume.

4. Keep your laptop and original and innovative design anytime, anywhere, combined with origami folding, so you can use and hide support anytime, anywhere.

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