Mainboard CPU 4 PIN Fan Extention Cables

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Mainboard CPU 4 PIN Fan Extention Cables

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Important Tips:
All the convert out fan cables only one 4 pins (supporting speed measurement and temperature control), and the others are 3 pins (only temperature control is supported). This is the standard interface, if you mind, please be careful to buy!

Product Name: Motherboard fan 4Pin PWM Extension Fan Cable
Product length: about 27cm / 10.63 inches
Wire model: 1007 24AWG
Conductor specification: 11/0.12
Conductor material: Tinned Copper
Wire color: Black
Style: 4 Style can be choose
Product function: make computer fans share one motherboard PWM 4-pin socket
1. Provide 4Pin PWM fan interfaces to support multiple 4Pin PWM fan automatic speed regulation.
2. The black snakeskin bundle design is adopted to facilitate the overall wiring inside the chassis and improve the overall aesthetics.
Easily implement 4Pin PWM temperature control fan parallel connection, making full use of a limited number of motherboard 4Pin interfaces.
The length about 27cm. In order to avoid the signal collision of the simultaneous speed measurement, 3 of them lack the speed measuring line.
1. With this line, you can make the 4-pin interface on the motherboard simultaneously PWM speed control / speed control / temperature control PWM fans, such as radiators with dual fans or 4 fans! Allows the fan to achieve a quiet effect and dissipate heat!
2. One 4-pin CPU cooler and three 4-pin chassis fans, then all three fans will adjust speed as CPU temperature changes. The advantage is to maintain a balance of airflow, not when the CPU fan is mad, because the chassis fan is not accelerating, the hot air is back. 

You'll receive:

x 4Pin Fan Splitter Computer PC Fan Power Cable - Black Sleeved Braided



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