LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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LED flame bulbs are the perfect way to add ambiance to a room. They give you the look and feel of a real, warm candle flame without any of the safety issues. Plus, because they use LED light, they’re energy-efficient and last a long time.

The LED Flame light bulb gives a warm glow at night and is even used in holiday decorations, such as jack-o-lanterns and Christmas lights.

These bulbs look great when used with frosted shades, lanterns, and salt lamps, and they also set a mood! They also help set a mood for either a calming or romantic environment.

Switch 4 modes: It has flame emulation mode, breathing mode, general light mode and gravity-induced mode. When you turn on/turn off about 30 seconds, the bulb switch mode.

The Flame Bulb can fit all the standard E26 hold-screws. The fire down bulb fit your down hold-screws. The fire up bulb fit the up hold-screws. Both are safe, green energy saving and excellent heat dissipation.

The flame lamp simulates natural flame, flickering flame light bulbs, no open flame, no UV and infrared radiation. The input voltage is AC85-265v and the power is 9W. Save 90% of electricity from traditional flame bulbs, save electricity and save money.



Features power consumption, high-brightness, start. The effect of flame is vivid, like a real burning fire. The best gift choice. Shockproof and easy transport.


The flame light bulbs can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting and decoration, and are the best and ideal light source for homes, shops, restaurants, disco, nightclubs, showrooms, teahouses, outside buildings, cinemas, wall pillars, gardens and other places.

You’ll get a gorgeous lighting effect that not only saves energy but will also last for years and years to come.



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