4 in 1 Mobile Phone Holder LED Light Pen

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4 in 1 Mobile Phone Holder LED Light Pen

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Product Features
The product is exquisite in appearance, with a multi-functional toy four-in-one deformation pen foldable + mobile phone bracket + LED Lamp + capacitive pen. The pen clip is wide enough to print and customize LOGO.

A large number of orders can be customized with your company name Sculpture on the product,the number must be more than 100/pcs,Prices and discounts please contact customer service,

Product customization,

please first communicate with customer service send your logo(you need to carve the content).
2,We will design the logo according to the logo you provided, and then confirm with you(Please note that the custom LOGO, the content can not be too much, due to product size restrictions, may not carve)
3,And we confirm, we will process the carving, processing time may be longer, (if the number of more please extend the delivery time)
4,we do not accept the return,Because the custom logo, the goods for us is useless

(Due to the time difference please be patient waiting for customer service reply)





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